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If you find yourself in situations that keep you from your
goals, circumstances that limit your best nature, or
behaviors that generate regret and disappointment, you
may want to consider the coaching services provided by
one of our counselors.

How we respond to the demands of busy and
complicated lives conveys the character of who we are.  
God never intended us to “go it alone.”  We have been
created to live in community and to enjoy the fruits of
interdependence, both giving and receiving in the world
around us.
Marketplace Ministry
Marketplace Ministry
Providing counseling and care since 1970
Providing counseling and care since 1970
(616) 949 - 4911
(616) 949 - 4911
Often, however, we can feel overwhelmed by the limitless demands of others and high
expectations of ourselves.  While we may desire to live in healthy community, we
sometimes find ourselves at odds with others, responding to their desires in ways
that deplete our energy and compromise our integrity.  In those instances, the
services of Marketplace Ministry may help.
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
Marketplace Ministry, a not-for-profit corporation
licensed and insured in the state of Michigan, is not
affiliated with any denomination or religious body.    

Counseling provided by the center is understood to be
undertaken in conjunction with other sources and
advisement including pastors and/or other health
professionals.  Some clients may be referred to other
professional sources as their problems require.  
Supporting individuals, congregations, and institutions
assume no liability for services provided.  
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Robert W. Ellis, M. ED., Director and Ken Navis, Pastoral Counselor
3351 Claystone SE, Suite G-16, Grand Rapids, MI  49546, (616)  949-4911
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