What Marketplace and Ministry Counseling is not:

“Preaching” is not our specialty.

We live and counsel by God’s Word, but we do not preach to clients.  Many of the
principles on which our counsel is based come from the Bible, but we do not
require our clients to be Christian before they can receive counseling.

Our final goal is not just “feeling better”.   

Often those seeking the services of a counselor, pastor, or therapist come looking
for pain relief.  When the grief has subsided or the depression lifted, the individual
moves on because the crisis appears over.  Sometimes negative feelings are really
symptoms of deeper problems, and so “feeling better” is only a temporary solution.

In the same way that physical pain can warn us of physical danger, we believe God
has given us the ability to feel emotional pain as a motivation to seek change.  To
change only the feelings is to ignore the problems that created them in the first
place.  Many forms of therapy only mask emotional symptoms.  Our services of care
address the pain; our services of counseling coach the change.

We do not believe clients are “sick”.  

While we are aware that some in our society face genuine psychological illness, we
believe that is only a small percentage of the population.  The mentally ill deserve
effective care and treatment of their condition.

Most who find themselves overwhelmed by their feelings are actually experiencing a
healthy response to real problems.  Like physical exercise and training strengthens
our bodies and shows us how to avoid injury, MCM strives to strengthen the spirit
and teaches ways to change our circumstances and avoid frustration.

We are not medically based.  

The MCM staff is not qualified, trained, or licensed to administer or oversee
mediations or medical treatments.  Our training, skill, and mission lie in the area of
spiritual growth.  We seek growth and strength for the whole person.  Unlike other
programs, we encourage our clients to seek out a variety of services to address
every dimension of body, soul, and spirit.
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Marketplace Ministry
Marketplace Ministry
Providing counseling and care since 1970
Providing counseling and care since 1970
(616) 949 - 4911
(616) 949 - 4911
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
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Robert W. Ellis, M. ED., Director and Ken Navis, Pastoral Counselor
2020 Raybrook SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546, (616)  949-4911
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