“For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power,
love, and of a sound mind.”
 –The Apostle Paul

MCM means coaching attitudes and behaviors toward the
kind of life we have been created to enjoy.  We seek God’s
Spirit to guide our work together.
God’s Spirit is present to provide us with
comfort, encouragement, growth, and joy.
“When you arrive at the goal, you should not turn back.” –Plutarch

MCM services are a means to an end, not a permanent crutch.  While every client’s
circumstances are unique, we coach every client toward relationships and
opportunities beyond the walls of our center.  At the same time, we never “quit” a client.  
Our services are offered as long as you find them helpful.
Our services have an end in sight.
God has given us one another to strengthen and guide us toward wholeness.  God’s
Spirit has been given to the church and God’s presence is expressed through Christian
worship.  At MCM, we encourage clients to become a part of a community of faith.  We
do not endorse particular denominations or congregations, but we assist clients in
discerning the most appropriate “fit” in their selection of a church.
Interconnection with a community of faith.
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”  

Understanding is only one tool.  Awareness and knowing “why” things happen do not
demonstrate “how” things will change.  Our work moves clients toward changed lives
so that the struggles of the past do not dictate the choices in the future.
Outcomes:  more important than explanations.
“You cannot solve a problem from the mindset that created it.” –Einstein

One cannot transform relationships or attitudes without addressing our underlying
spiritual condition.  We coach clients to seek stronger and deeper spiritual lives to
better face the demands of the world around us.
About Us
Marketplace Ministry
Marketplace Ministry
Providing counseling and care since 1970
Providing counseling and care since 1970
(616) 949 - 4911
(616) 949 - 4911
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
A Christian Counseling Ministry Serving the Grand Rapids Community
Lasting change must include spiritual change.
What Marketplace Counseling and Ministry is:
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Robert W. Ellis, M. ED., Director and Ken Navis, Pastoral Counselor
2020 Raybrook SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546, (616)  949-4911
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